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The Tale of The Sungod...

The sungod came in a dream. Warning of the darkness all around. She wore a mask of light stolen from the sun. She beckoned us to walk towards the light. She gave us a gift of light, a shroud of love that gave us light on a darkened path we had mistakenly stumbled down. A purity to thrive in the darkness. A better self, a light of knowledge that saves us from the dark. The sungod called to us and said these words to protect us from the dark, and guide us towards self. In remembrance, this sound experiment has been encrypted with the words of light that was shared with Ish. Love yourself and let your inner love shine. Don't let yourself go blind from all the light that surrounds you.  This is a gift and a light to protect you from all those that may cause you to wander towards the dark.  You are the beacon that will change the world.



released July 29, 2017

Sungod by Ish Ensemble

$15.00 Regular Price
$13.20Sale Price
  • Gloss finish inner booklet, CD, Download code

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