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The Spirit of Ish rises in this reprise to the follow up for sungod.  "Chocolate Split" as it's so fondly nicknamed by fans, opened a new chapter for the sound of the Ish.  Renowned as the best release to this date.  It subsoquently awarded the band with national renown, with entry to the college circuit, and eventually leading producer Brit Lockhart to delve further into musical healing studies through the help of a mentor at Washington University. 

     Focusing as always on the dualities of light and dark, good and evil, love and hate, it footnotes on the conversation of beauty and menace.  The fact that sometimes it can be one and the same.  The beautiful apple may turn sour after just one bite.  The chocolate you see in that heart shaped box could be sweet, or the outer shell could be hiding something more sinister.  Trust yourself and look within.  Trust your eyes only to an extent, trust your heart to guide your true self forward.  Ish presents to you, their renowned opus, Chocolate Covered Death SPLIT with Rainbow Sprinkes..

Chocolate Covered Death SPLIT with Rainbow Sprinkles by Ish Ensemble

$15.00 Regular Price
$13.20Sale Price
  • Gloss finish inner booklet, CD, Download code

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